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Picture yourself poolside, where lush vegetation and cool, blue waters create the dreamiest of vacations. If they are 14 and 17, the cost is the same regardless of whether they stay in your room or not.

Bathrooms have regular and rain forest showers, digital temperature control and Red Flower toiletries. The hotel’s restaurant, Chanson, is helmed by Chef Bjoern Eicken, who cut his teeth in kitchens across Europe and the U. His European-inspired menu makes great use of market-fresh ingredients and is served in an elegant dining room with views of the ocean, a large fish tank and cascading waterfalls outside.Only Elite Island Resorts offers a truly authentic English Caribbean holiday, allowing you to experience island life to the fullest.Visit one of our seven all-inclusive Caribbean resorts spread across five handpicked breathtaking islands, for an unparalleled tropical escape.Whiteflies are small, winged insects that belong to the Order Hemiptera which also includes aphids scales, mealybugs, and bugs.These insects typically feed on the underside of leaves with their “needle-like” mouthparts.

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