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Beyond the financial aspects of your marriage and deciding who keeps the kids, not much is discussed, and many parents forget about the emotional turmoil their children suffer as a result of divorce.

My parents got divorced (and so did I) and I also have a child. Some children may feel that the marriage ended because of something they said or did.

You need to continually reassure your child that the other parent's lack of commitment has nothing to do with her "lovability." If, say, your daughter's father failed to show up, you might tell her, "Even adults make big mistakes, and sometimes they hurt the people they love. If you make excuses for the other parent, it cuts off your child's chance to express himself.

She always has something for me to do and I pray every day one of my siblings will just come get her and take her away. You have a choice as to whether to be a full time care giver or not. If you were not in the picture, there would be another solution to the care giving need. Think of it this way, would you want your child going through this horrendous experience taking care of you? As endless as this may feel- it is passing compared to the eternal bliss that awaits we who believe and trust in Him as LORD and Savior. How do I get my husband to hear me that she should be in elder care while he's at work? My husband and I both are close to retirement and are losing our minds- his brothers offer no help. I know dementia is present-they have no income, only medicare B as they never worked in US prior to becoming citizens. Our kids feel badly but now they avoid coming to see us as the older ones order them around when they do come.

She sits in her chair and refuses to do anything for herself. She won't eat at the table, she wont go outside, she just sits in her chair and when I come home from work she expects me to wait on her. I hope with all my heart- that you all have received Jesus as Savior- because He is our eternal hope. He'll be returning to work soon and I don't want to take care of her. Interesting one can choose to be a drug addict and get 30 days rehab through medical insurance but there is no coverage for even the slightest assistance i.e. The first 9 years we rented an apartment close by for them as they were mobile. We have 4 children who have grown and moved out- the last s a sophomore in college.

Canceling at the last minute -- even when he knows that the visit means so much to you -- is wrong. "If a parent cancels because of a bad cold but went to work that day with the same cold, it's important that your child feel free to voice his feelings," says therapist M.

Gary Neuman, creator of the Sandcastles Divorce Therapy Program and author of Helping Your Kids Cope With Divorce the Sandcastles Way.

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Often, children of divorced couples undergo the mayhem in silence. Children may feel an overwhelming guilt about the relationship ending.

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