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A suitable mobile app helps to stay in touch with girls 24/7/365 on the go.

It is easy to navigate the site using user-friendly interface.

So, below you’ll find the top ten best Android apps for this year’s spring break, listed in no particular order.

Spring break is the time to let go and have some fun and if you’re a social person, you’ll likely want to do that among friends.

Music is the perfect way to fight boredom during long trips and Spotify Music is one of the best Android apps for accomplishing that.

It is Scripted Reality because the show’s producers don’t trust real people to say what they want them to say in order to generate story lines which will be discussed around the water-cooler at the office the next day.

The main characters are John, 72, a widower with a Michael Parkinsonian head of hair who is advised by Paul early in Episode 1 to take off his “terrible hat” and then goes on the pull in the local Tesco, where he is rebuffed by the stunning, silver-haired Faye and her equally glamorous chum, Katie.

While you and your friends certainly already use at least one messaging app, Find My Friends will allow you to not only communicate but also share your location with your social circles.

A mobile tool such as this one can be invaluable when traveling with a group of friends as you’ll likely split at one point and Find My Friends will allow you to quickly regroup before you continue your adventures.

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We applaud this effort from the BBC and especially applaud the sensational eyewear and brilliant blonde bob worn by Dee, a totally unbelievable 81, who goes on a date with John, the inevitable breakout star of Edge, and is taken on a zip-wire ride and out for Fish & Chips where (the undoubtedly scripted) question she poses is: does he take Viagra.

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