Honduras dating customs

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Dani and Cesar picked me up in their super vehicle and it was off to Omoa. Owned by a Canadian couple, it has a huge airy lobby, a beachfront deck and sitting area and nice garden in the back. We headed to one that had been described by another set of Canucks who own Henry’s Bar in Omoa.

I ended up at the local super store eating a meal that I wouldn’t call culturally significant. If you prefer staying right on the ocean, the nicest looking hotel is Sueno Del Mar.

It is also food for thought for us, the so called first world countries, to see how these kids first reaction is to share their toys with other nationality kids.

Rather, to the bodies of dead women and girls pulled from clandestine graves.

Young men in Chile tend to be "mothered" to an extreme degree and when it comes to dating it often takes on a similar relationship.

Once married these relationships change little as women often go overboard to take care of their husband in domestic situations and men support their wives both financially and emotionally.

Members of the 18th street gang gather together at the Cojutepeque Jail in El Salvador.

The gang's war with the Mara Salvatrucha is the main reason why sexual violence against women has dramatically increased in the Central American country.

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Its amazing to realize how children don’t know about nationalities and cultural bias, so reaction on both countries were exactly the same: Initial astonishment (kids don’t know what to say since they are not used to have something new of their own) gives way to full happiness.